Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back from Toronto

Hey, after a long time away from the blog  i am back with new sketches. I spent the last month learning from the Imaginism Studios crew and mainly from Thierry Lafontaine.
It was a very, very good learning experience but the problem is that i became much more aware of my mistakes. Learning to see my mistakes doesn't mean i can fix them yet... it takes time and lots of practice. :-)
Anyway, here are some sketches and a digital painting study. I was aiming to finish it in one hour but i ended up painting this in 2 hours and a half. I hope you like it!



  1. Hey Daniel! I really like your cowboy! Keep on painting and drawing man. Nao deixa de ficar em contacto. Como esta tudo ai? Calhor? Aqui eu estou morrendo de frio.

    Ate logo,

  2. Eu AMEI, AMEI o ultimo!
    Achei sensacional mesmo!

  3. Obrigado, pessoal!

    Augusto, esta muito quente aqui! E vai ficar pior em Janeiro e Fevereiro! :-)

  4. Show de bola Daniel, parabéns !!! Vi que você adicionou mais uns trabalhos aqui, gostei muito do Cowboy ficou show!!! Não tenho nem o que falar, o rosto esta perfeito!!! parabéns!!!

  5. ae daniel ficou animal! o cowboy ficou mt bom! nao tiha visto esses ainda!